Student resources

Student resources

Student Publications and Theses

You can see a list of student publications and theses (also available to download in PDF) here:

EMU Wiki

EMU Wiki: A wiki about the computer systems that support the EMU and the Masters in Structural Biology course. Please note that you will require a user-name and password in order to access this wiki.
Note: the wiki is currently offline

Structural Biology Moodle site

An online course management system with lectures for third year students, honours students and masters students.

  • Guest login username for Structural Bioinformatics is nbn.
  • Guest login username for Third Year courses is thirdyear.

Scholarships and Other Funding

Coming soon.

Useful University links

(For non-student-related links, such as structural biology resources, check the menu at the top.)

A guide to establishing Impact factors and Citation records

In order to establish impact factors go to:

  2. Click on Electronic resources > Databases
  3. Click on the letter J
  4. Click on the "Journal Citation Reports - Online" link
  5. Click on "Search for a specific journal" on the right hand side of the table
  6. Enter the journal title on the next screen (under 2) Search term) and select the appropriate search type (under 1) Search by).

The impact factors will appear on the next screen.

The following steps are appropriate to find a citation record for your individual articles.

Contact Ms Fiona Jones, head librarian ( for more information on obtaining an overall citation statistic.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Electronic resources > Databases by Platform
  3. Click on the ISI web of knowledge icon
  4. Click on the Web of Science link
  5. On the next screen, click on General Search
  6. Type in your surname and initials under "author" on the next screen and click on Search.

The citation per paper will appear on the next screen.