Structural Biology Coursework Modules

Structural Biology Coursework Modules

Coursework modules

Previous years' coursework modules consisted of the following:

Compulsory reading

Computational and Mathematical Primer

  • Hahn BD Essential MATLAB for Scientists and Engineers (2nd Ed) Butterworth Heinemann.

Principles of Protein Structure

Structural Cell Biology

  • Pollard TD, Earnshaw WC and Lippincott-Schwartz J (2007) Cell Biology (Second Edition), Saunders
  • Medalia O, Weber I, Frangakis AS, Nicastro D, Gerisch G, Baumeister W (2002) Macromolecular Architecture in Eukaryotic Cells Visualized by Cryoelectron Tomography. Science 298, 1209-1213

Structural Bioinformatics and Molecular Modelling

  • Bourne P and Weissig H (Eds.) (2003) Structural Bioinformatics. Wiley
  • Leach AR (2001) Molecular Modelling - Principles and Applications (2nd edition). Pearson Education

X-ray crystallography of proteins

Protein Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy

  • Levitt MH (2001) Spin Dynamics: Basics of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Wiley, Chichester

Three-dimensional Electron Microscopy

  • Frank J (2006) Three-dimensional electron microscopy of macromolecular assemblies: Visualization of Biological Molecules in their native state, Oxford University Press, Oxford

Applications of Structural Biology

  • Thiel KA (2004) Structure-aided drug design’s next generation. Nature Biotechnology 22, 513-519.
  • Kubinyi H (1998) Structure-based design of enzyme inhibitors and receptor ligands. Current Opinion in Drug Discovery and Development 1, 4-15
  • Flower RJ (2003) The development of COX2 inhibitors. Nature Reviews Drug Discovery 2, 179-191.
  • Hajduk PJ, and Greer J (2007) A decade of fragment-based drug design: strategic advances and lessons learned. Nature Reviews Drug Discovery 6(3), 211-219.