Tomography and Image Interpretation

Tomography and Image Interpretation

Students will be able to:

  • Understand the theoretical considerations underlying three dimensional reconstruction
  • Prepare a specimen for electron tomography
  • Collect a dataset comprising a series of images taken from a sample rotated about a single axis
  • Process the images to produce a three dimensional map - including alignment, reconstruction and correction for anisotropic shrinkage.
  • Use computer-based tools to assist with the interpretation of the reconstruction



  • Properties of the electron microscope which make tomography possible
  • Projection theory
  • Back projection
  • Missing wedge / cone


  • Spider
  • Imod

Sample preparation

  • Conventional
  • Cryo


  • The advantages of 1MeV
  • Energy filters
  • Computer control
  • CCD cameras

Online Lectures



  • Electron Tomography: Three-Dimensional Imaging With The TEM. Edited by: Joachim Frank, © 1992, 400 pgs

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